Serbia organisers cancelled Björk’s concert in Novi Sad

The reason why Björk’s concert in Serbia was cancelled seems to be simply prosaic. She asked for it with her song „Declare Independence“.
Actually, the singer is in the world tour promoting her new album Volta, twice dedicating the song to Kosovo while concerting in Japan. Kosovo announced its independence from Serbia a week ago and it’s still brand-new affair.
The concert in Novi Sad on July was called off by Serbian site on last Wednesday, a day after Kosovo press reported about the song dedication. Organisers told to Björk’s manager that the reason why they cancelled the concert is that they can’t guarantee a security for her and her fans. Björk doesn’t understand their decision. She comments the song as a celebration of independence, but not in the politic way.

Björk sang “Declare Independence” for the third time on her world tour. While concerting in Spain she dedicated the song to Basque country and while featured in Denmark she was singing it for Faroe Islands and Greenland. Her concerts weren’t cancelled there.

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