International Reykjavik tournament with kid chess star

 The Reykjavik Open chess international tournament will take place from 3rd to 11th March in Reykjavik Chess Center. It’s one of the strongest chess tournaments of the world held on such high level. Over 25 participating players have the score over 2500 of ELO rating system. 

The tournament was opened yesterday with a friendly match between the oldest player, Bjarni Magnússon and the youngest one, 11 – years old Ukrainian, Illya Nuzhnyk. Nuzhnyk won the game. Actually, this was his first invitation for a world-famous chess tournament. And the boy is excited about competing in Reykjavik; on the other hand, sad that he missed the opportunity to meet chess legend Bobby Fischer. Illya practises chess six hours a day, therefore he has individual studying plan.

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