Iceland – full of natural energy

Iceland is a full of natural sources of energy says the current issue of Geothermal energy heats 85 percent of Iceland’s homes andHydrogen station it produces another 18 percent of the country’s electricity. There is no carbonized future for Iceland 

Another natural source of energy is Hydrogen. Hydrogen business in the country is running for five years and it is still developing. 

Iceland is one of the biggest areas of the wilderness in the Europe, and much of it has never been inhabited by humans, therefore only very low percentage of Iceland potentional energy is really used. 

The landscape is very important for Icelanders. Almost 30 percent of Icelanders rate it more important than the flag or even Icelandic language. And maybe that’s why the landscape almost hasn’t changed since 874 A. D. when Ingólfur Arnarson settled in the area of Reykjavík.

Blue Lagoon is built near to geothermal plant

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