Icelanders live the longest in the world

According to new statistics released on April, Icelandic men live the longest in the world.


The spokesperson of Statistics Iceland, Olof Gardarsdóttir, reported that Icelandic men live even longer then Japanese men which had been holders of the world record before. The length of life of Japanese men is approximately 78.6 years, compared to 79.4 years for men in Iceland.


Icelandic women statistics are not so far away from released data of men. They live about 82.9 years, compared to average length of life of Japanese women – 86 years.


People in Japan and Nordic countries like Iceland, Sweden and Finland usually live long. What are the reasons of their length of life? Scientists say, it’s because these countries care about their health care system and because of a clean air (of course except of big cities like Tokyo). Geneticists claim it’s in the hereditary factor they are born with.


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