Nordic films screened in New York

April 14, 2008

Scandinavia House in New York will be a witness of another Nordic screening movie show on April 17. And Iceland can´t be missing.


Despite Iceland is a small country, it has on of the most active film production in the world!


What is more, Icelandic short films are very popular in the world. Many of them will be screened next Thursday in Scandinavia House: Misty Mountain (2007) by Óskar Thór Axelsson, Thanks (2007) by Benedikt Erlingssson, Wrestling (2008) by Grímur Hákonarson, Whatever (2005) by Gísli Darri Halldórsson, Dog (2007) by Hermann Karlsson, Rattlesnakes (2007) by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson and Anna (2007) by Helena Stefánsdóttir.


Directors Óskar Thór Axelsson and Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson will participate the show and they will be answering the questions after the screening which will be followed by a reception.


No April fool’s Joke: American tourist landed in Iceland by mistake

April 2, 2008

US tourist Russel Trocano planned to travel from US to Thórshöfn, the capital city of Faroe Islands. He supposed to change the plane in Reykjavík and then in Akureyri where he was finally supposed to take a plane to Thórshöfn. He was surprised when he finally landed in Langanes peninsula (Iceland) instead of Faroe Islands.

The airport staff couldn’t help him while thinking his friend who booked the flight only monkeyed him. But finally they realized that it is a big misunderstanding.
Trocano took a flight back to Akureyri where he decided to stay instead of going to Faroe Islands.
Airline Air Iceland like amend for his lost trip to Faroe Islands devised him a ticket to Grímsey Island.

Trucano told to Morgunbladid that he never thought the airplane ticket could be so expensive without even taking him out of the country. The cost of the one way ticket from Reykjavík to Thórshöfn is approximately 20 000 ISK (170 €).

Two men arrested for using fake cards

March 28, 2008

Two men were arrested at Keflavík International airport on Tuesday after discover they have almost 4 million ISK in their luggage.  

Thirty years old men from Romania and Germany were leaving for London when border police officer noticed something is wrong with these persons.  After discover of the money in their luggage, men were immediately arrested. They are suspected using the fake cards and for withdrawing a big amount of money from ATMs in the capital region during Easter holiday. 

Men have been taken into custody until next weekend when investigation will be hopefully carried forward.

Easter in Iceland

March 18, 2008

alamy-ad476y.jpg Easter customs in Iceland are not so special. There is almost no specific country’s tradition. During the holiday Icelanders enjoy their free time to be together or to have a family dinner.   

There will be no real holiday for Icelanders if they don’t travel. They usually go out of town or country. Icelanders loves travelling, indeed.  

Easter in Iceland begins with Holy Thursday as in many other countries of the world. The most offices closed this day and re-open their business on Tuesday. Only movie theatres stay open during the holiday.  

On Easter Sunday children receive a big Easter egg full of other sweet stuff inside from their parents and grandparents. Instead of lack of Easter Icelandic traditions, the holiday is quite nice business for shop-keepers. Chickens, rabbits, sheeps, of course big chocolate eggs (bigger means better) and other decorative symbols of coming spring can’t be missing in a house.

Football: Renewed Iceland team easy beats Faroe Islands

March 17, 2008

The match of two European football dwarfs finished better for Iceland 

Iceland with five debutants in the national team was better for all 90 minutes. First 25 minutes the team of Faroe Islands was able to emulate with Iceland when they had several chances to score. Goalkeeper Adalsteinsson first capitulated 30 seconds before break when Jónas Gudni Sævarsson headed the ball into the net completely forgotten by Faroese defence. Iceland doubled they lead in second half when Benjamínsen touched Gudmundsson´s pass to into his own net. And 7 minutes later the comfortable indoor win in Kopavogur was sealed by Tryggvi Gudmundsson himself. 

Renewed Iceland’s squad with score 3 – 0 over Faroe Islands has plans to make good results in the next World Cup qualification and looks up for better than 89th position in actual FIFA ranking. The next friendly match of Iceland is on programme on Wednesday, 26th March in Slovakia.

Icelandic football women’s team beats Finland

March 13, 2008

The national women’s football team beat Finland yesterday in final game with score 3 – 0 and finished on 7th place in Algarve Cup.  

The first goal was scored in the 12th minute by the young star Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir, the second one in 41st minute by Rakel Hönnudóttir and the third one in the 90th minute by Gudrún Sóley Gunnarsdóttir.

Margrét Lára, 21 years old footballer, became the top scorer of the tournament and it was her 8th game for national team in a row in which she scored. The young football star plans to stay in Iceland for near future and to continue to play for Valur.

Women’s football: Iceland beats Portugal

March 11, 2008

Icelandic national women’s football team beat Portugal 3 – 0, yesterday. Margrét Lára Vidarsdóttir scored the first two goals for Iceland in 15th and 18th minute. The last goal of Iceland was scored by the captain of the team, Katrín Jónsdóttir in 69th minute when Portuguese Seleção team regularly resignated. Iceland was definitely better team in a field for all 90 minutes. 


It was the final game of qualifying round C in the Algarve Cup. After this win, Iceland will play tomorrow against Finland for 7th place in the tournament.